Layout Warehouse

Hey is there any way that we can post layout docs to 3d warehouse? so that the doc can accompanny a model?


Thanks for the suggestion! It’s not possible today, but we think it would be great if LayOut users had the option to share and download .layout files on 3D Warehouse.

Could you share a bit more about your use case? How would you envision the accompaniment of the SketchUp model/LayOut doc to work? Would all of the related files be available for download from the same page, or would you see a page for the SketchUp model, that maybe links off to another page for the LayOut doc?

I would like to see a ‘2D Warehouse’ I think , in LayOut,where you can browse for templates and scrapbooks.

Fully agree. Especially house plans and engineering drawings with complete annotations,I think it would inspire users of other cad systems to make the switch when they can see what can be done… this is much needed… and could link with Trimble connect as well.


Russell Hunte

Although this sounds like it could be a functional goal, I wonder how well populated this 2DWH would be. There may be a desire to appropriate templates or symbols, but the most useful submittals would consist of construction drawings or other technical details. I think that most professionals would be reluctant to submit technical plans or details of built projects for many reasons, unless there were specific protections provided to the authors. If designer submissions prove to be recalcitrant in this area, it is questionable if such a feature would be worthwhile.

Perhaps a scenario where authors are compensated if their submittals are downloaded could work.

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This one’s for free !