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I create large drawing sets in Layout, often in excess of 50 pages/ sheets.
My naming convention is typically 001 / A(rev) / Drawing title, so a Drg name might read: 008 D Rope Bridge.
I bundle drawings into predetermined number categories, 1-10= site details, 11-20 = foundation works etc
It would be useful if there was a folder function in pages so that sets could be grouped and expanded/ collapsed a required.
Drawings get issued and amends come in and it can be difficult to keep track of the status of drawings.
I’d like to have a radio button (on the left) so that I can assign a colour to a drawing. Colours would be user specific but I typically use basic colours (currently in the drg register on a spreadsheet) to indicate if a drawing has been issued/ pending etc.
In addition a second custom text box for each page would be useful. This could be used to identify drawing status, Construction/ permit approval/ awaiting SE/ etc, although other designers might have other uses for their assigned text.


Since LO allows you to have individual files open at the same time, have you tried breaking up your files based on categories. It greatly speeds up the whole process reducing the file size. It also really helps when you need certain pages of a document since you only need to open that document containing the specific sheets. Doing so, also assigns the date the file was last modified so you can easily keep track of which drawing files were modified last. My drawing sets tend to get into the 50-100 sheet size and placing them all into one LO file would be a nightmare.



Nick, many thanks for your reply.
I agree that dividing the drawing set into categories and assigning separate LO documents is good practice, which I do (but not nearly as much as I should - thank you for the reminder). While that indicates, in the OS, the last date the category/ collection was modified it doesn’t solve the request to be able to assign text/ colours to any specific page (which still might be one of several even within a categorised set) to indicate status/ rev number/ etc.

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