Layout Tip – position object mid-point between points

Some of you may know this or have another way…

I often need to position Layout drawing objects to the mid-point between two points and I have previously drawn a line between the two points and then moved the object to snap to the line midpoint.

I’ve just discovered a less clunky way ( in my opinion ) – I snap my object first to one point, then snap to the other point and then type 2/ – then delete the other instances of the object.


more snaps options

I know… we need more snapping options in Layout.


I knew about this but it always seemed like more steps. I usually just draw a line (as a snapping reference) and move the object to the midpoint then delete the line.

Oh, use this in SKP all the time… will have to remember it in LO.

Inferences are much easier…

The OP is talking about placing things midway between two linear points, for which inferencing cannot help.

I do the /2 and delete trick as well, in SU too.

I get that, but in this particular case, inferencing the midpoint of the door jamb is easier than the copy - /2 - erase method (IMHO). Everyone has to find what works best for them.

I need to get the midpoint ( green cross ) of the timber stud object:


to “snap” to the red cross midpoint:


Is there an easier way for me to do this ?

“Easier” is subjective. I would do it as shown in my screen grab above. Move the grip to the top center of the stud, then use inferences to place it.

I’m being pedantic now… :wink:


Doesn’t always work.

Actually this instance might be a bug – I never got round to posting a report.


I do know about inferences…