Layout template question

I created a custom page template and when starting a project it comes up no problem.
Subsequent pages however, use the same page without the custom content unless I duplicate the page and erase the previous content,

Shouldn’t the custom page appear each time I hit the + page?

What am I doing wrong?

No. Not unless you’ve put the custom content on layers that are shared across pages. Duplicating pages is another way to have the same content on multiple pages without having the content on a shared layer.

Normally when you make a template, you should create as many pages as you will commonly use. Also create appropriate layers for the content. Create layers for template specific things like borders, title blocks and page numbers. Put them on layers as needed. Borders and pages numbers on shared layers while title block might be on an unshared layer. Create additional layers for project-specific content you’ll insert or create. So that’s layers for viewports, dimensions, other text, drawing entities (Scaled drawing stuff.)