Layout Tables


Hi All
I am having problems using TABLES in Layout.
How do you edit it?
Yes I can pull a table with a number of rows and column and adjust the size, but thats all.
So how do you add a row or column?
I right click and don’t get any context options. The sketch tutorial pages says there is context to resize, add rows/columns etc…
I cannot find any adjustments.


Use the Selection Arrow to click in a cell… from there you should see the blinking text cursor and you can type away.

Tab moves to next column

Shift Tab moves to previous column

Enter moves down one row

Shift Enter moves up one row

Right Click on the table to see options for resizing it.


So how do you add another column to an existing table?


Double Click on the table to Edit it… then Right Click for the add column options


Oh my god that solved it.
Thanks so much. I was not click accurately enough.