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Hi again Dave.

I gave making fixed length extension lines a go (found a ‘how to’ by yourself) but I think we may have crossed wires. I was aware of editing a dimension and then eyedropping the style to either save or use on other existing dims but what it does (I believe) is give the same fixed distance from the origin as you drag away to place your dimension. What I want to create is a dimension that has an extension line of fixed length, say 5mm above and below the dimension string no matter where I choose to place it.


Maybe I don’t understand but I think I’ve done that here.

All my extension lines start at the same distance from their anchor points. And this setting can be part of your template.


Your extension lines are all equal from the origin but not of equal length.

The further from the object you drag your dimension string the longer the extension line becomes.


I see. That seems like an odd way to show dimensions but now I understand what you are asking for.


I believe it’s an international standard - at least in architecture. If you look at floor plans with setbacks etc to the point of origin - all of the extensions are the same length. This way as you stack dims strings one above the other at say 10mm intervals, all the extensions meet without overlapping. I will see if I can upload an Australian, a U.S and a Euro version as examples of what I mean.


Dave - seems this style is not quite ‘international’. Europe, Aust. NZ, UK use fixed length extensions.
The U.S and Canada do not.
I’ve learnt my new thing for the day. May also explain our initial confusion and might explain why my previous ‘wish list’ requests seemed to have little priority with Trimble central. I think I made the first request when it was still under Googles banner.

Thanks for your time and I’d also like to pass on the most sincere expression of gratitude for your help to myself and others over the years. Much appreciated.


There are two standard settings for this in most CAD programmes.
Offset from origin (what DaveR showed) and offset from dimline (What Craig showed)
It would be good to see these in layout as well.

I prefer the later as you can space dimensions better which gives you more room to fit in extra notation etc without creating overlaps. Not crucial on small projects, joinery etc, but does make a big difference on complex floor plans.

The more options we have the better.


I´m not sure, but what you want is something like that?:


HI Eduardo. - not quite - This the same as Dave initially proposed and I am aware of. Not what I’m after. Dave R now understands what I was talking about as does Brendan (above)


One could use LO inferencing to accomplish what you desire…Though not ideal, and certainly not without faults. (not “connected” to persistent ID’s)
please see .pdf
SetLeaderLength_07_03_2018.pdf (2.0 MB)



Thanks for the reply but that method kind of defeats the purpose of dims and a linked model.
Hopefully, with enough support, the couple of features I have requested are put into the pipeline.


While we wait…I thought of one other option:
Using a “pseudo” mask to conceal the unwanted portions of the leader lengths, and setting the (grouped) dimensions and mask behind the LO viewport. (maintains persistent ID’s/links to model)

Mask showing with guides;

Mask hidden (whiteout) with guides deleted;

& LO File
Dim_LeaderMask_07_04_2018.layout (171.9 KB)


In AutoCad, ages ago, we used to do this simply with including the short witness line in our dimension arrow block. Unfortunately, in SketchUp and LayOut these are hardcoded so you cannot add your own.


Charlie - I’m digging your thirst for invention but I’m kind of hoping some folks see the benefit in my little requests to Trimble and throw some weight behind them.

Never let go of that creative mind.

Regards, Craig


I’m afraid it has been hard wired, so no risk of that…& thank you for the kind sentiment!
I hope Trimble fills the need here.

Best regards,


Two things I see as ‘must have’ but have never been implemented:

  1. Label editing by shortcut or separate button. Now it’s nightmare to click 3-7 times to get into label and edit text inside…

  2. Option to inherit dimensions of underlaying sketchup model/object. I mean every shape created (and snapped to model) should haven an option to inherit dimensions



I agree with you!

Can you show this with an image or a GIF?


For improving working with vector lines in LayOut 2019, I would suggest that Trimble hire the uk-based Astute Graphics team. They know their stuff of making things fast and intuitive.

And last: I would also want to have vector based, and easily editable, patterns like I have in Adobe Illustrator.


Hi @Eduardo,

What do you mean by showing on GIF? Do you mean how it should work?

My issue with it now is that added shapes are out of scale. For instance - if you have a wall with width of 200cm and you put rectangle on top of it (1:1) then rectangle width is like 2 or 3 (some) units. And I think its weird because this rectangle is snapped to this wall beneath…


Are you using Scaled Drawing? If you were, and you use the same scale you applied to the SketchUp viewport, the rectangle would dimension to match the viewport underneath.