Layout Scale Not DIsplayed for Non-Standard Values

I have scenes in sketchup that I am referencing in layout. I have a lable/leader attached to it (in layout) that I am using to display what the scale is.

I typically use scales that are in the dropdown menu. (1/4" = 1ft, 1" = 40’, etc.). When I use these options, that leader correctly displays whatever scale my viewport is at.

However, right now, I want my viewport to basically fill the page. This puts it at an odd scale. Specifically, 1:139.968. The leader will not display this value. Only says “not to scale.” For this specific application, I don’t like the next smaller (1:128) or next larger scale (1:192).

Is there a way to make it display the scale/ratio when it’s not a “standard” scale?

(edit: added photo)

Share the LO file so we can see what you’ve got. Most likely you would need to add the scale to the Scale list so there’s something for Auto text to work with. In the case of your example round it to 1:140.

This is what it looks like with a standard scale and with my current scale.

I’m going to be doing this a few times with a couple of different files. So I don’t want to create a custom scale every single time.

Scale displays the name of the scale in the scale list
Ratio displays the actual numeric scale ratio

The problem is that it only displays that value on my sheet if I select an option from the list. If it’s not on the list, it just says “not to scale.”

As I wrote and as @Anssi wrote, it’ll only show the scale if it’s in the scales list.

If you aren’t going to add the scales then manually type in the scale instead of using Auto Text.

Of course it does. You haven’t actually set a scale so the viewport is not to scale.