Layout is super slow and I have to force-quit

I am creating a set of permit documents and will have multiple sheets that reference a couple restroom plans. The plans are 11MB & 13MB. There are several repeated components which have made the files bigger, but I have worked with much bigger files before. Layout is just unworkable. I have tried purging both the SketchUp files and the Layout file. It gets stuck every time when I try to open the sheet that has two plans overlaid.

This is often tracked down to a specific component in the model causing an issue, generally something downloaded from the warehouse.
Without seeing the model we can only guess, so to move forward you should attach the layout file so someone can check it.
If you aren’t comfortable with uploading it publicly, mention that and someone like @DaveR will offer to look at the model via a private message. I won’t as I have limited download capacity, not a mac user and only use layout occasionally.

I can’t upload the Layout file because it is 24mb. I am uploading one of the SketchUp files.

AVI-Sheet - A120 - BUILDING PLAN LEVEL 02.skp (12.9 MB)
And here is the second SketchUp file. I am using plenty of components downloaded from the warehouse, but certainly less than I have used on other projects. I have been purging regularly, but not before uploading here.

It would be more useful to upload the Layout file to Dropbox or similar and add the link here.

I have often found these extensions by Adam very useful

they quickly identify objects or textures that overburden SU files… highlighting the relative complexity of the objects / textures so you can easily see the problem ones…

search in extension warehouse for “Goldilocks” … tried to paste the link but got a forum error…

I just tried uploading this extension as it seems handy. But I got a warning that it was incompatible with my SU version (2021). Maybe that doesn’t matter in practice?

Looks like it’s pretty old software.

I get that warning for almost every extension I install… had my say before about Trimble’s slack attitude about this warning… personally I think they should be validating extensions as a part of their responsibility to their customers… not adhoc leaving to individual customers to judge extension risk when they have no real means of assessing their risk potential… let alone the inefficiency of the process… just really sloppy and poor customer relations… either just remove it or make it meaningful…


I take your point. I have always assumed that the EW is a bit like the Apple App Store in that it is a guarantee that the extension is safe and works. But maybe even the App Store doe not provide the guarantee of kosherness (does that word exist? - Ed) I assume?

I have further assumed that extensions on Sketchucation could be a bit dodgier. I think it must be quite confusing for newbies to be presented with two completely separate platforms for these things. I am sure there is a good reason why developers choose one over the other, but still.

Please don’t get me started on this… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Here is the Layout file.

It was behaving a bit better late last night after again purging.

I use Goldilocks quite often - it pretty much generates a report. The worst I’ve had it do is lose the report window.

If you want something similar that is more up to date, you could also try CG Impact report

CG Impact Report | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

Quite responsive for me…

But I’m on Windows.

I use the Fixit101 extension to clean and purge my Sketchup models. I ran the extension on both your skp files and it found a fair bit to fix on both. This might be a good place to start, hopefully, the reduced Sketchup file might make a difference.
I can’t open the Layout file as I’m running 2021, can you save it down from 2022 to 2021 and reshare?
When you bring the model into Layout do you leave “raster” selected under “Sketchup Model” in the tray to the right? I only ask as I like to use “Vector” whenever I can but this can sometimes cause BIG slow downs.

I would open the Document Setup>Paper window and set Display Resolution to Low and Output Resolution to High. I would also set my SketchUp views to Raster rendering for all models that approach a million edges like this does. Combined to High resolution and turning off JPG compression in PDF output it looks quite good enough in my opinion. I only use Vector (or Hybrid) resolution when I need vector output, like an export to DWG.

have you tried to make a single page layout file for the page that is slowing down your whole document and leaving the bad page blank, i used to do that often in older layout versions or i would make multiple layouts, p1-5 on one layout document and 6-x etc.