Layout importing (drag and drop)



PDF/PNG drag and drop in Layout not working like it does on a MAC.


And where is the problem?
(Where = on which platform and Layout version does the problem occur, you only mention where it not occurs.
Where = from where do you drag what to where exactly, describe the steps?)


I do not have a Mac, but I can drag-n-drop PNG images into Layout.

Works fine for me. Win7 64-bit / Layout 2015 64-bit


This is because Apple OSX supports PDF natively.

Microsoft (it seems) refuses to support PDF natively in Windows (as of Windows 7.)
MS always wants to promote their own file formats. They tried to push their XPS format, but it went nowhere.


I tried under Windows 10, and it worked there too. I don’t currently seem to have any PDFs to try, but PNG was fine.


I exported a router png image from LibreOffice Draw as a PDF, for testing.

router_image.pdf (14.3 KB)


Many moons ago, I proved to myself I could deal with PDF’s and LayOut on PC, but it involved and other things. Alzheimers and old age, in other words, laziness, is preventing me from doing the same search anyone on this list could do to discover that.

Drag 'n drop on png’s is working for me. Not sure why yours isn’t.