Layout files that are open do not sync

Layout files that are open do not sync while every other file does sync.

We have to close Layout for the open file to be synced by Trimble Connect Sync. Sketchup files, for example, sync even if they are open in Sketchup.

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Currently, the integration of LayOut with Trimble Connect is not optimal.
There is no Viewer supported and one cannot link to set up configurations in from within LayOut.
Lot’s of work to do, I guess

I’m wasn’t even even going that direction.

Layout seems enclosed in Sketchup space. It would be great that Connect could do what it does for all file types Connect can handle.

Or it would be good that either Connect or Layout could be that platform.

Layout could be that, as long as it accepts all files, is snappy enough, becomes able to deal with meta data in models and IFC standards and exports good DWG as well as PDF files.

We cannot live with having none working perfectly if we really are into Trimble Constructible process and we use Sketchup for modelling architectural projects.

We need a solution that can rival with Revit