LayOut exported images are being grabbed by Adobe Photoshop

I have used SketchUp and LayOut successsfully for awhile, but just upgraded to Windows 10 and installed an old Photoshop Elements 11. Now when I export a LayOut file to the desktop or a document folder, it says it is being saved as a LayOut file in the box at the bottom. But, it shows up as a PREFS Adobe file that opens up in the Adobe Photoshop Organizer. I want the saved images to remain LayOut files, not have to go fish them out of Photoshop. Help???


Setting aside the .prefs file for now—because that pushes into odd territory, and bypasses a more simple possibility—this otherwise sounds typical of the file associations being changed/overwritten during the PS Elements 11 installation process.

Somewhere along the install process there is a time when file associations can can be customized. Missing that moment (because its sometimes hidden behind ‘advanced’ installation options), or settling for the ‘recommended’ install approach… result in giving photoshop Elements the permission it needs to go ahead with its heavy handed default settings; mainly taking over as the default viewer for number of different file formats.

[fading memory warning]… I haven’t changed file association settings on a Windows OS since the XP days, my daily exposure is now with a Macbook laptop (running OS X), and what I do recall has more than likely been improved upon in recent OS releases anyhow. Even the term ‘file association’ seems to have been updated to ‘default programs’ in Windows 10.

Maybe these days it’s good practice to change file associations from within the offending software’s preferences, but once upon a time it used to be better to adjust them within the OS settings… found within the Windows explorer tools. But now, that’s probably not the most streamlined approach under Windows 10, anyhow.

On a seperate note… I don’t think PS Elements is too interested in the .layout file type.

Your use of the word ‘Export’ here makes me wonder if we’re not really talking about a .jpg or .tif file(s) instead.

For one things you don’t really need to ‘export’ a .layout file. It’s the native file type which gets created by default whenever you ‘SAVE’ a file from within Layout.

The Export options are for sharing your work in file formats compatible with OTHER programs (more or less). and of course, this serves the opportunity for wider collaborations with others (those not using SketchUp or Layout), or for that matter, offer other workflows outside of what is possible in SU and Layout natively.

So while I can’t be certain at what you’re looking at, I’d caution you to take a second look at what the chosen export settings are… I don’t think that it’s really going to be a .layout file format in the strict sense of it’s true file type.

…and when you find out what the specific file type is… the solution is to reassign Layout as the ‘default’ program for opening up those files. . . Try right clicking on them, and navigating through the ‘open with’ options of the right clicks context menus.

Anyhow, I hope this helps out if you haven’t already solved this on your own.

Take Care,


Thank you and this does help. Yes, I am not just saving a LayOut file, but am ‘exporting’ a LayOut file to send to clients in an easily viewable form, and I wanted it to be a .peg. which, as you say, Elements takes over. I used to be able to send an exported LayOut . .jpeg to my project documents file (as I have not had a Photoshop program installed for the past year or so) , and could crop or edit it before sending. I since remembered I can export as a PDF, which still goes to the document file, and maybe that is what I will have to do. But really would rather have a ,jpeg and not have to fish it out of Elements, as it takes several steps to even open the image shortcut on my monitor. .

I will try mucking around with the Elements file associations, and see if I can separate out LayOut file .jpegs from camera jpeg. . Maybe not.
Thank you again!

Light bulb! For anyone else encountering this problem, it was so easy to fix, and I found it by chance and being curious enough to click on the exported LayOut .jpeg shortcut , stored on my display, and then click on “Properties”. . There is a File Type (LayOut) , and Open With (Adobe Elements 11) and a magic “Change” button, that converted the ‘Open With’ to LayOut. It was that simple.

Even if I have to do this every time, it is still pretty easy.