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I’d like to continue the discussion about this issue. Regarding exporting lay out file to PDF or translucent white patterns over sketch up model make image disappear completely versus creating dashed image. This was never a problem until I upgraded my Mac operating system. Appears to be related to the latest version of macOS. 13.1. Has anyone found a workaround or solution?

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Share your LO and SU file here.

I’ve never known LO able to make dashed lines by simply putting a model view behind a translucent shape. You need to either edit the style of the SU scene or adjust the line styles in the model view using the tags. And what are you tending the view in - raster, hybrid or vector?

Regarding translucent export - you may try turning off JPG compression in the export dialog and make sure your output is set to high.

I have tried all your recommendations. In my case, it’s not effective to use tags to change two dash lines. As you can see what needs to be dashed is sometimes only partially dashed. And needs to vary between scenes. Please see see attached screenshot of LayOut and exported PDF. Again, this was not an issue before updating my iOS operating system.


Can you confirm that when you export to pdf, you untick the “jpg compression” thing as bmike mentioned ?

Also, some textures on mac appear to have a transparecny default, see this older thread

can you share your file so we can try on other machines / OS / versions ?

I am seeing the issue here - although I cannot comment if it ever worked properly - I only use transparency and I had never thought of using a pattern to do this - that is clever.

It doesn’t export or print to PDF correctly:

Transparency works as intended:

Some of the linework styles works as intended…

I wonder if it has something to do with how the pattern file is made. I haven’t ever made my own, so I’d have to try it and see if it would work properly as a PNG.

yep, it’s exactly what I linked in the topic above. a handful of white-over-transparent fills are not working properly in layout. they are transparent png but get exported as opaque white fills.

it seems at the time it flew under the radar and didn’t get a bug report, @colin do you know if it is known (more infos in the other topic, I tested various combos there)

Back then, I created a couple of fills, and they worked ok, only the default ones (only a handful) were bugged

you should be fine creating yours.

Capture d’écran 2023-09-05 à 23.12.56

dotted pattern. That way, no need to stack viewport or play with tags, the lines behind the white dots will hide and look dashed. Sure, not all the dashes will look exactly the same, but it’s a neat trick.

But yeah, since some fills are broken, you’ll have to go the “normal” way amigo :slight_smile:

It appears that all of the white fill patterns are faulty. Really too much work to separate out all the foundations as a different tag. Again, I’ve been using this technique for years and haven’t had a problem until I updated my macOS and possibly my Epson printer driver. But not sure if this has anything to do with the printer driver when creating a PDF.

Screen Shot 2023-09-06 at 07.40.38

This is what I’m using… SketchUp Pro 2022

Not sure if is if fixed in 2023? But I don’t have the patience to deal with upgrading until the bug fixes get implemented.

yes. just like in the thread I linked.

well I tried, and I don’t have a transparency issue. but I didn’t try on your file. I made a new one.

Sans titre.pdf (6.3 KB)

download 2023. open layout. try. close layout. delete 2023. that’s the only way you’ll be sure.

I don’t need this to work. Just trying to help the OP… so, no, I’ll wait until I hear 2023 is all clear, because I have too much work to do to f around trying to use 2023 with the other issues.

my bad, didn’t scroll back up all the way, thought you were the OP, but they have a pink avatar :slight_smile:

see you in 2024 ^^’

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its not.

Have the same transparent white pattern issues with Sketchup/layout pro 2021 & 2023. As I said before, the problem appeared when I upgraded to iOS 13.1.

bmike, can you somehow send me the white dot transparency (png?) that you created? I don’t have use of Photoshop and replaced it a few years ago with affinity. Not sure I can create a new transparency using that program.

It is included in the LayOut pattern library (Dot Screens)

I didn’t make one… used the one included.

And this dot screen exported correctly into PDF? Sorry, I’m still looking for a white dot transparency that still exports correctly. Thanks,