Layout Export to PDF Issue (with Fonts)

I’m getting an issue with the latest update in Layout with exporting to PDF.

I use the Lexend font but in my test I also used Arial to compare.

Before the update exporting as PDF, my labels would look like this:

Nice and centred.

Now they look like this:

Nothing has changed - the font size remains the same.
The one on top is Arial and the one on the bottom is Lexend.

This is what they look like in Layout:

If I file > print (to PrimoPDF) I get what I expect to see:

Obviously printing to PDF is a big pain compared to exporting to PDF.

It seems like I’m going to have to revert back to the previous version.


It gets weird.

If I combine a letter with the number…

In Layout it looks like this:

And exporting to PDF it is how it is in Layout:

In Layout:

Screenshot 2021-06-19 162143

Export as PDF:

You might also fall into what’s being discussed in this recent thread.

Thanks Jim - looks like it

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