Layout error code 112

I regularly use Layout for all our company design documentation and today one of our designers discovered a Layout file would not save, instead giving error code 112.
Does anyone know what this code means?
Layout Error 112
We’ve tried reverting to saved, re-naming, copying, moving the file but no luck.
Also the backup file disappeared as well.

I’ve not see that error message before. Where are they trying to save the file to?

Firstly saving to a synchronised google drive folder, secondly to a local folder, but no difference.

This might be one for @adam when he gets in to work tomorrow morning. Does changing the file name and then saving locally work?

No we tried those things. But did have some success.
The file was a 10 page document and I discovered that deleting one of these pages allowed the save to work. This page was somehow corrupted as the information on it also disappeared (viewports, notes, dimensions etc). So hopefully we just have to recreate 1 page.

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Is this in LayOut 2018?

I wonder what on the page was corrupted. In the past I have seen issues with inserted images and sometimes text although I haven’t seen it in LO2021 or LO2022.

Error code 112 indicates that the number of layers a page thinks it has is out of sync with the number of layers that are actually in the document. I have never seen this come up before. If you could PM me the LayOut file (with the error page still in it), I would love to see if I could diagnose how this happened.


Hi Adam,
The file is around 100mb. As it happens I managed to isolate the error to just 1 page and delete this page and save the rest, so not a total disaster!
Unfortunately our client confidentiality responsibilities prevent me from sending you the file. I would send you just the error page with all the others deleted, but as mentioned the save and save_as do not work (error112). I’d be happy to entertain a work around if you can suggest one.