Layout crash

Hi all, my Layout has just crashed (SU 2019) and I’m sure its saved somewhere on my pc but I’ve no idea where! Any ideas as to where it might have been saved by default??

Default save location is your Documents folder.And default neme is: “Untitled.layout”

In 2019, the Welcome to LayOut window should be showing your recent documents. Any that were open at the time of a crash, and that you had done changes to after the last save, should be showing with a red Recovered banner on them.

Do you see those if you look at the Welcome to LayOut window?


Brilliant, thanks Colin, found the crashed file. As you rightly said, it was indeed in the Welcome to Layout window. Don’t know why I didn’t automatically think of this, but the file was there as soon as I loaded up Layout again.
Thanks again :+1:t3: