Layout Auto-Text Enhancement Requests

I’d like to propose several Layout Auto-Text enhancements.

First, add the ability to insert references to dynamic page number and/or page names within a custom auto-text definition. For example: “See detail A on ()”. The and references should be established by clicking on the required Page in the Pages window (Mac). The PageNumber and PageName in the auto-text definition should automatically change if the pages are re-ordered or the page name is changed in the Pages window.

Second, add the ability to import and define global Layout document text macros. These would be very similar to how text macros are used in advanced text and page layout applications. For example: “#8PH” -> “#8x1-1/4” FH screes"; “BRLH” -> “3” barrel hinge"; etc. Please note that the macro definitions must be dynamic in nature such that if you change the definition of “#8PH”, the new definition will be automatically updated throughout the Layout document.

Note that defining auto-text and macros must support the ability to import them from an external file. My preference would be a tab separated file format: “Macro” “Definition text.”; “Auto-text label” “Definition text”.

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Is this not already existing with the ability to add Custom auto text?

Admittedly, I’m keying off the “define” word in your second point, not the “import” word.

I agree that Auto-Text could stand to be enhanced. I break down my Construction Documents LO files into types of pages to help LO operate without lagging, E.g. A100s for Plans, A200s for Elevations etc. I’m sure this is probably pretty typical especially of larger projects. I would like to be able to create reference Callouts of various types (Elevations, Sections etc) that can easily be linked to other sheets within other files in the set of drawings and that update as needed.

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Yes, you can add custom auto-text definitions. One at a time. Yes, you can create those custom auto-text definitions in your own custom Layout template so they are “reusable”. But, having the ability to import project specific auto-text definitions from external project specific files would really help productivity.