LayOut and uploading custom patterns

I am trying to upload into Layout a custom pattern which you are supposed to be able to do by navigating Window>Pattern Fill>Import Custom Pattern. There is then supposed to be a way to get to the folder on my computer where the pattern is but I don’t seem to be able to do that.

I have just bought the SketchUp Pro 2017 and I also can’t get my Vray dongle to work now which is how I would usually add a pattern.

Are you clicking on All Patterns in the Pattern Fill window?
Screenshot - 10_28_2017 , 12_07_16 PM

When you click on Import custom pattern… a window opens to allow you to navigate to the folder where your pattern is. Select the pattern and click on Open.

Note: I just navigated to the supplied patterns folder for the screen shot.

If you have a folder full of patterns, you can select the folder using
Screenshot - 10_28_2017 , 12_12_26 PM

What version of Vray?

I have the dongle in but have no way to know what version it is and I can’t for the life of me find my Chaos group log in information so I am doubly screwed.


Well, you’d need to have the current version of Vray which is 3.4 I believe. If the version you have is earlier, it isn’t compatible with SU2017.

So, since my year is not up on Vray, I will have to call Romania on Monday and they will upload it to my dongle somehow so I can use it on Monday? They can’t charge me more for it can they?

I certainly can’t give you any answers in that department. You’ll have to wrangle that with them.

So with the LayOut my patterns are jpegs that are proper pattern repeats. I this something that LayOut can even do? Because when I click on the custom pattern thing it doesn’t take me anywhere where I have access to files.

Yes. It’s possible.

Make a screen shot of the Open window that comes up after you click on Import custom pattern…

When you installed SketchUp 2017, did you install it correctly? That is, did you right click on the installer file and choose Run as administrator? If you did anything else to install SketchUp, it is not installed correctly and you can get all sorts of weird behaviors.

I actually had the Dell people install it for me so I definitely think they went through all the proper processes. It’s on my desktop and I have been using it and seems to work. I had never even heard of LayOut before today. Anyway, I’ll just wait until Monday and call Romania and see what Chaos says. Thank you so much for your wisdom here.

I wouldn’t be too confident about that.

Good luck.

Where did you buy the dongle? Vray versions before 3 used them. If you updated from version 2 you’d still be needing it, If you bought a new licence for version 3, you could activate the licemse online

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