Layout 2024 PDF Export Quality Disappointing

Hi everybody

I have just completed my first project after switching from SketchUp 2022 to SketchUp 2024 and overall I am REALLY impressed with the latest version. It just seems so much better in many ways so a big thumbs up to the developers :+1:

However: one disappointment is the quality of the PDF export from Layout and I cannot see a way to improve it.

In 2022 I had the option to set the PDF export output resolution to High and that made a big difference, but I no longer have that option and the resolution now seems to match the old LOW setting.

You can see from these exports that the 2024 version is much more pixelated than it was with Layout 2022.

Just wondering If I am missing an obvious setting somewhere although I have looked pretty hard.


I think it was in the 2023 version that the settings were moved to the Render Settings in Document setup.

That’s perfect Ivan!

Strangely I had looked all over the settings in Preferences…but hadn’t noticed the Render settings in Document Setup :grinning:

Thank you very much :+1:

That was actually a nice improvement. It allowed the ability to set a low quality for modeling to improve speed in necessary. and not have to go back and change settings for output.