Layout 2017 export to DWG (problematic....)

The DWG export from Layout 2017 is a real problem. LO just crashes and creates other issues.

on 2016 it was a lot better.
Is there a way to re-open files on 2016, after they have been saved on 2017?

Or is there any way to resolve the 2017 problem?

If you have specific issues that you’d like to call to our attention, post them and we’ll try to get them fixed up for the next version of LayOut.

Otherwise, you can go from 2017 back to 2016. In LayOut 2017, open your file, then do “Save As” and choose the “LayOut 2016” file format. You may lose some data in the down-saved file - for example, I believe that Table entities will become just text boxes and lines.


I also found some issue:

  1. if a draw a dimension in Layout without units I see the units in the exported dimension
  2. Callout Arrow point are different when exported, not big differences

Thanks for the report, we’ll add those to the list to be fixed.


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