Layout 2015 Accuracy Discrepancy

My problem in it’s simplest form: Layout: Let’s say I have a grid in Layout, if I draw a line from right to left or top to bottom say 0.05" it is exact. If I draw a line from left to right or bottom to top it is only ~0.05" (approximately 0.05"). Why is this. This makes it hard for me to use layout to make 2 dimensional drawings and shapes when accuracy is necessary.


I should have said left to right and top to bottom are accurate. It is right to left or bottom to top are not accurate.

Yes I see this also. It is a display annoyance only. With grid snap, on I am drawing lines that are snapping to 0.05" regardless of what the measurements box on the status bar reads.

Another thing that may affect the display is what the precision is set to:
Document Setup… > Units > Precision
If it is larger that the minor grid setting and grid snap is on, you’ll likely see ~ (approxiamate dimensions) in the measurements box.

Thanks. At least I know it is just a display annoyance and the line is precisely 0.05".

Even with grid snapping on inputs to the measurement control box will over ride.( For Su that is no LO here ) Or it use to :smiling_imp:
suggest you change units to decimal and use the measurement box for all inputs
Suggest you post the model ( skp vs Layout ) that makes it much easier to trouble shoot.

There is no SU model associated with it. It is just something that I have noticed for years and never ran across a topic on it. Sometimes I want to use Layout on it’s own to create “Scrapbook” cells for my work. Even using decimal, and grid snapping on if I make a Right to Left line stroke, I always get approximate values. So I guess the only way around it is to use the control box and enter the exact value. I was just always annoyed by this and thought it might be something I was doing wrong. It is just more time consuming.


I just did a little investigating and surprise! It’s a bug in the routine that converts floating point numbers into strings of appropriate precision. The bug will manifest as an “approximate” symbol anytime there’s a negative length in the measurements box.

Thanks for reporting this, and I’ll see what I can do to get a fix in.


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I should clarify that the length of the line is correct in this situation (i.e. -0.5"), it’s just the display that’s wrong. You can check this by using the dimension tool to measure the line after you’ve drawn it.


Marc thanks for responding and look forward to a fix.