Layers - why do i need 10 characters for a topic title

been a users for quite a few years - before all this cloud based platforms
there Use to be a Layers window - where is that NOW
and or how do you go about that same task in these New fangled versions
any help would be great

Layers are called Tags since 2020 version release.
Only the name has been changed, to protect the innocent.

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:rofl: :rofl:
To judge by the confusion caused, and that they become layers again when exported, I still think that this was one of the most unnecessary changes ever made to SketchUp.

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Maybe, but then imagine the confusion with two different kinds of “layers” in Layout.

I remember a lot of people requested real tags.

Not to imply that this is the new way to implement feature requests (“Let’s see what we already have, that we can just rename…”). As it seems, the new name was the first beginning of improvements, and after all there are now hierarchically grouped tags.

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Thank you
I was ( cause I could) still using 2017
Now I can’t-up graded - maybe :thinking:

David A Schiffer