I can't access layers

I can’t access layers. I’ve watched heaps of videos and read heaps of but still can’t find layers. I have a mac, I don’t know if that makes it harder to access them. Everyone is saying it’s under ‘window’ and should be just there. Please help, this is killing me.

Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 10.21.46 PM|690x431

Try ‘Tags’
Edit: Added ‘layers’ tag to topic :slight_smile:

Omg! I grouped my project and then linked it to a tag under entity info. Thank you so much! Life saver!!

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Should you add tag as a tag, or should tig tag tag?

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Leave me out of this !


Note that I didn’t tag tig about tig adding a tag tag.

Of course, I realized it should be a tags tag, not a tag tag.

Referring to the Release Notes

The SketchUp Universe: Nomenclatures

After many conversations, we decided to update some of our naming conventions. This won’t change your workflow, but we want you to know that it’s not just you — we are talking about a few things differently now. We think they make logic a little more prevalent.

Objects are now a collective term for: groups, components, dynamic components and Section Planes. This just means we don’t have to say “groups (slash) components” anymore. Now you can save those syllables for words like “stupendous” and “dapper” (Why, thank you! We think you are too.). Also, Layers are now referred to as “Tags”. ‘Layer’ has been a rather unintuitive thing to call this organizational utility. Most new users with experience in Photoshop (and LayOut!) are disadvantaged by calling them layers, since it implies a 2D stacking order.