Layers in Layout inherited from SketchUp

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That sounds a lot like fudging with the Scene settings on a Viewport in LO, together with the ensuing pain of having a view which looks a lot like a Scene you set in SU except with no connection to the SU Scene anymore — the dreaded (Modified). I think a ‘bidirectional interaction’ is a lot simpler in this case.

Reading through the whole thread my own thought is that two things are essential: the ability to set different Styles to different Objects within the same Scene, and the ability to modify a Scene (settings only, not geometry) from LO — saving those changes to the Scene in SU too!

Perhaps Style could become a property more similar to Material, where it has a default which may be overridden, allowing various Style elements to be applied to Groups with exceptions within the Group, or to any Objects by their Layer.

This way a single Scene – i.e. a single Viewport – would become much more powerful, having the (very basic) ability to set different lineweights and dashes and visibilities to different things within your view, and giving you control over these settings right where they are important — on your page.

You should have read this request instead :wink:

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My post was hidden :sweat: but one of the ideas I mentioned was that what is the reason you are trying to have multiple styles within a single scene?

If you were to create lets say a raster scene with your raster groups visible and also a vector scene with your vector groups visible, you would then be able to make a group of those two VP’s.

Your ‘raster’ and ‘vector’ could be any variable able to be set in layout - be that lineweight, section fill, etc.

Does this not solve some of the major obstacles you are avoiding? There are also extension’s currently available that help with doing this.

Thanks for your interest. With your method try to solve this:

  • scene 1 - Object A hidden lines and object B solid lines
  • scene 2 - Have object A solid line and Object B in dotted lines
  • scene 3 - both objects solid lines.

Now export to CAD, therefore vector lines.

I am solving what I can and avoiding to do what I can’t. Doing somethings is cumbersome but there are some that are impossible.

This feature would allow some stuff to happen that is impossible right now and other stuff to be 10x easier to achieve.

I am sorry that I misunderstood. Can you clarify what you mean by export to CAD? If you are meaning AutoCAD, I do not have a solution for this.

However, if you want an all-SketchUp solution, you would use a mixture of layer visibility and scenes to achieve this.
Object A = Layer A
Object B = Layer B

Lets rename ‘Scenes’ to Sheets for clarification:
Sheet 1 = Single scene. Layer A turned off, Layer B turned on.
Sheet 2 = Two scenes. Object A in Scene 1 set to dashed line type, Object B in Scene 2 set to solid line type. The two scenes can then be layered and grouped for convenience.
Sheet 3 = Single scene. Layer A and B set to same values.

Does that make sense?

Because you are posting off-topic … (Your new so please read forum guidelines.)

You seem to misunderstand that this is a Feature Requests category and this topic thread is about requests for improvement in SketchUp --> LayOut workflow and features.

We are discussing possible new features and workflows. In most software forums, anywhere, posts in Feature Request threads that tell people (who are discussing these possible new features,) how to use clunky “workarounds” with current features, is at best off-topic and at the least, disrespectful of the spirit of the discussion and it’s participants.

Meaning, that we all already know what the current clunky “workarounds” are (and the extensions that try to automate them.) The end goal of this discussion is to reach a consensus on formal requests for new feature(s) that improve the workflow so that we do not need these clunky “workaounds”.


It makes sense but is an worse workaround than what I would use.

I’d copy each of the objects as components and have one instance of each in the corresponding layer. If I needed even more scenes in different line styles I would copy the component again and create yet another layer and scene.

But what if I’d like one of the objects to be colored by layer, or have an x-ray face style?

Like Dan states, we are not discussing how to do a certain job, we are discussing features to streamline it to a point it’s done fast and efficiently, and to also open new possibilities. The bigger the possibilities the better the request.

In this case I see huge potential for all kind of SketchUp based presentations.

Do you see benefit on the feature too?

PS: @DanRathbun This is really off topic. I thought we were at the style by object post. Do you have moderator powers and can move the discussion to that thread?

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