Layers alternate

I have SketchUp 8.0 and I know there are no layers in SketchUp. But some of my drawings act like there is a layer hiding an adjacent drawing. One will hide the other. Is there some way I can reverse who is hiding who? Bill

? WIndow-> Layers. ??

Of course there are layers in SU. Your copy of the memo, along with full details about how layers work in SU, awaits you in the Knowledge Center.


Are you talking about back and front faces causing Z-fighting, occupying the same location in space?

Gully, pardon me for not being explicit. Yes SU has layers, but not like everyone else.
Interestingly when I opened the layer yoolbar I find 4 layers, 2 of which have no entities!
Here is an example. I drew a patio in four different squares. Then I drew the shade from 3 trees. When the trees are moved over the patio, some shade disappears, and some shade remains.
Per SU help: Change the layer assignment of entities
Select an entity and then a layer from the Layer Toolbar to change the layer of an entity.

I tried the above it does not work. All I want to do is move the shade over the patio.

You will always get better hints if you attach an image or the model so that we can see the problem…

The layer for an entity is changed within the entity info window.


Telling us this tool and that doesn’t work is merely illustrating your misconceptions.
If you’ll tell us exactly what it is you’re trying to accomplish you’ll enable us to offer explicit advice.

From what I’m able to glean from your posts I’ll hazard a guess as to what your goal is.
That is, you’re trying to determine the proper placement of shade trees near the patio.

SketchUp’s geo-location and solar tools enable users to accurately replicate real-world sun and shade.
We’re here to help you accomplish that, but SU’s Layer System has no fundamental role in the process.
There’s little point in further describing the exercise when it’s not clear that’s what you want to do.

Obviously I am the wrong forum. Bye all. Bill

YOU gave us too few infos to help you more accurately…
Welcome back with an exact question!