Layer Manager in Window Panel

I think it would be very useful to have a function in the Layers panel, making it possible to divide the layers into groups to better organize the workflow in the management of the visible objects in the scenes. Separators which make clear at a glance, where certain layers are positioned. For a specific workflow can serve many layers, and go hence to find one for a single scene, among many, it is wasting much time.

You can already get that using the SketchUcation plugin Layers Panel.

You have to join SketchUcation to download, but that’s quick and easy. One thing many overlook when they first go to SketchUcation is that there is a free membership. It’s just not as prominent as their paid memberships.

This is a frequently requested feature, so we can hope that Trimble will someday work on it.

In the mean time, you could try Jiminy-billy-bob Layers Panel extension and see if you like it. I must note, though, that there were enough technical issues with making this extension work reliably that last I knew he had stopped actively working on it.

He has made it open source. The github link is on the page I linked. It was last updated on 2015 by (I think) @Tig. It works well in 2016. I’ve loaded it into my 2017 where it opens, but I haven’t yet actually tried using it (yet!) in 2017.

Woooow!! Thanks! :slight_smile:
I did not know him before.