Large portion of model erased during editing



While editing a portion of my model, another part of my model was being erased without me knowing (check attachment). Does anybody know why this is? Or any solutions to fixing this? I’ve tried undoing everything but the missing part remains intact.

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See, for instance

That indeed works for surfaces/lines that ‘appear hidden’ but aren’t, I think that mine are actually erased however. Any idea why that is?

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I expect you’ve inadvertently erased or possibly hidden some geometry. You could try turning on Hidden Geometry and see if there’s anything to unhide. Based on the model I helped you with a few days ago, you weren’t using components or groups and all of the geometry was loose and vulnerable to being erased.

If you haven’t saved the changes, you can revert to the earlier saved version. Or maybe you can just use Undo to step back to when you made the changes to the geometry.

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Yeah exactly, my mistake was not making sure everything was in components/groups. I believe I now
have to remake these missing parts, since I’ve tried unhiding and undoing everything.


FWIW if you accidentally erase components you can drag copies of them out from the In Model components and replace them.

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Keep in mind that if you use a Window Select, everything that is in line with the window is selected. For example, if you select geometries from the front of your building, you might, inadvertently, select geometries from the back of it.

It might be a good idea to double check before deleting that only what you want to delete is indeed selected. Use X-Ray Mode and some Orbit/Pan/Zoom to do that. After deleting, go out of X-Ray Mode and check the model to make sure that you didn’t erase useful geometries. At this stage you can still Undo to repair any damages.

As pontier out by others, using groups and components is a good way to minimize such problems. Personally I always use components. Then, if I inadvertently delete one I can get it back from the In Model Components List.

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