Large Image Splitter

Hello, I’m using the Large Image Splitter extension. Before I split the image the color is fine after I use the extension the color almost looks inverted. If I flip the image over the color is correct on the back side but the image quality is poor. Any ideas?


I’ve noticed that on some images, too. Since I’m only using them as reference and will delete them when finished, it hasn’t be a problem for me. MAybe @Aerilius has some thoughts on it.

Thank you, I’m glad in not the only one that has had this issue. I seem to be able to work around this issue by varying the shade of green in the image. The image splitter must not like large areas of the same color. I’m guessing it causes alignment issues in the end.

Windows or Mac?

The pixel data returned from ImageRep in the SU API is platform dependent (for speed), it’s RGBA on one platform and GBRA on the other. Might be that the extension doesn’t take that into account.

In my case Windows.

Window here also

I just found out if I output the image file from Photoshop 2022 as am 8 bit PNG it seems to work.

hm… so it might be depending on format and/or bit depth?

It will probably help the extension developer if you can provide a file that works and one that doesn’t work.

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I had the same problem, so I undid the splitting, and checked the color values of the image, then after splitting it I edited the new color values to match.