Large Image Splitter advice

Hi everyone, hope you’re all keeping well.

I’m a Sketchup pro user attempting to use the ‘Large Image Splitter’ extension to split a large resolution image. My issue is I’m getting graphical tears / edges along the lines on the image where the extension splits it (subtle example pic below shows it better).

Tried different import resolutions, Splitter resolutions, file types, background colours & Sketchup object sizes but all produce the same tears. At this point I’m wondering if its just part the way the extension works or an issue with the way my computer handles it? (i9, 2080 RTX & my Open GL settings in Sketchup 2020 Pro are 16x AA + max textures, changing these didn’t help either). If anyone has any advice to avoid getting these tears that’d be grand (totally fishing shout out to the creator @Aerilius), thank you everyone and very much appreciated.

Luke :upside_down_face:

It is texture interpolation. The texture’s color from the opposite edge is leaking through.

Hi, very much appreciate the reply, that’s been super helpful.
Many thanks!