Language translation plugin or capability

Is there a means of having dual language translations (English and Thai) in the Sketchup and Layout designs?

The client ran into a struggle with construction persons in Thailand and needs translations but isn’t keen on a Google Translate workaround. I proposed an Excel document with both languages as a reference that can be proofread by a native Thai speaker that is familiar with both languages (since I havnt found a solution as yet to translating within the two apps) - they insist that there must be a built-in solution in the design software so I was wondering if there is a language translation plugin I might not be aware of?

Or if anyone knows of a construction dictionary between these two languages? Or another solution.

There is a translation system built into SketchUp and Layout, but it is inside the app package where users are forbidden by the EULA from making changes. Also, I suspect (though don’t know for sure) that the suite of supported language choices is baked into the app code, that is, I think maybe an added set of translation files wouldn’t be detected anyway.

There is no way for a plugin or extension to insert this kind of thing into the main workings of the apps.