Landscape trellis - curved grille

This is a waterfront landscape from Prince Arthur Landing in Thunder Bay, Canada. The entire project transforms the village and park on the waterfront, reconnecting the city center with Lake Superior.

How to build this curved grid

  1. Draw structural cross-sections based on photographs, a standard section of two meters and copied.

  2. Draw diagonal lines with opposite directions and different density in the two standard segments respectively.

  3. Use smart-path to extract the slash as a standard segment.

    smart-path plugin
    [插件][$]Profile Builder 2 • 草图Ucation • 1 (

  4. Draw the support structure of the column according to the picture, use Pipe Along Path to complete the interface of the frame.

    Pipe Along Path plugin
    Pipe Along Path | SketchUcation

  5. Copy the standard segment of the diagonal line to form the basic structure of the grille.

  6. Use arcs to draw undulating curves and divide them into ten segments.

  7. Use SketchyFFD, align the top of each standard segment with the top of the arc.

    SketchyFFD plugin
    SketchyFFD (Classic) | SketchUcation

  8. Use Pipe Along Path for arcs in both directions. Scale the support structure in step 4 to match the top arc and make an outer frame.

  9. Draw an arc with an arc length close to the length of the gallery frame, divide it into segments (the same number as the previous standard segments), and then use CLF Shape Bender to bend it.

    CLF Shape Bender plugin
    Shape Bender | SketchUcation

  10. Done

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