Label Auto-Text Translation (German)

Hi there!

Trying to find a list of Label Auto-Text for LayOut in German. In the English Tutorial I learned about < ComponentDefintion > for example. Now I want to use this stuff as well but I use LayOut in German.

Do you have any idea where to find such a list?

THANK YOU so much!


I don’t know of a list that shows the translations for the available Label auto-text options. Maybe you could work out the translations from an LO file. For example I added a bunch of information to a component in SketchUp and in LO, these are the auto-text options that are selectable. If I send you the LO file, you could compare the Auto Text entities in German.

Or you could look at the fields that are available in SketchUp in Entity Info and The Components panels. Of course Dynamic Components add a huge amount of complexity to that and the list is probably nearly endless.