Kitchen sink textures

Hello everyone, you can I would like to know in detail how to do to apply a photo
a kitchen sink to a 3D block of kitchen sink designed with Sketchup…
You can help me…Thank you


p.s. excuse my English…I use a translator

You might try importing your image of the sinks as a texture and applying it to the surfaces of the model. It would take some adjustment of the size of the image as a texture, but you should be able to get the alignment pretty close.

One way is to project the texture onto the sink. Apply the texture to a rectangle over the sink, position correctly, change to “projected” texture. resample and apply to the sink below. It’s a good idea to hide the reference rectangle for later use in adjusting, rather than deleting it.

in bocca al lupo

Why don’t you just apply a solid color or simple metal material and let the sink’s contours create accurate shading for you?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you were to apply that image to your sink, the result would be wildly inaccurate. It would also negate modeling the sink in the first place.


Hello, everyone, thank you for your interest…I’ve rehearsed…
A mixture of Photoshop and Sketchup utilities…
What do you say?..


Looks good. Nice use of a simple graphic to signify details instead of modeling them.