Keyboard shortcuts: temporarily ignore inferences and & lock to plane

I’m a huge fan of custom keyboard shortcuts. I’ve worked on a few architectural models this summer which occasionally have faces and edges that aren’t quite planar with the axes of the model. When it comes to fixing up models in preparation for 3d printing or just cleaning up weird broken faces I will try moving the endpoint of an edge but find that it goes almost where I want it but then gets taken over by an axis inference, leading to problems that I need to find and fix later on.

It would be great if there were a modifier button that I could press with an inference lock to ignore the inference rather than gently mouse around until I find the off-axis endpoint. Am I correct in assuming that the only way to mitigate this currently is to re-orient the axes of the current context?

Slightly related, I think a command to lock an action (draw line/move) to the plane of an inference - rather than forced to a line - could be very helpful. This should function similarly to locking inferences while drawing rectangles, where you’re free to move in 2 dimensions but are forced along the plane you’ve locked. Combining inferences maybe. If this is possible already and I’ve just missed something, my apologies!

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