Keyboard shortcut to select origin?



I’m doing a lot of work from origin and I was looking at adding a shortcut but don’t see a way to add “Select origin”. Almost everything I am doing is a radius at an angle from origin and the origin is lost behind other thigns most of the time. Can this be done?

I know I can hide stuff that’s in the way, but that’s a pain as well.


I don’t know of a keyboard shortcut, but if you need to set the start position for a line, move, or copy, or the the centre of rotation, you can just type [0,0,0] when prompted - that puts the origin as the first point in the Measurement box.

PS. You say in your profile you have ‘lost the box’ for your graphics card.

This should help you find it (the info, not the box) and it helps others to help you if you complete your profile. (Although it starts with info for Mac, info for Windows follows, in the bits you can’t see here).


Thanks John. I was able to use that (the brackets will help a lot!) but only for the end points. Am I missing some way to make them the first point?

And, LOL, I did find my online order, so I’ll fix that!


Sorry, you are right - I hadn’t tried it, just had read that it can be used to input the origin position.

Could you do it in reverse? Start from where you want a line to end then go to origin? That works for the line tool at least - just tried it.

Or perhaps someone could code a Ruby snippet that starts a tool, sets the first point at ORIGIN, then hands control back to the user? I’m not even a good enough coder to know if this is even possible, without creating a whole Ruby Tool, which is non-trivial.

What do you need to draw starting at the origin?

Or could you just draw what you want in ‘free space’ then move the result to origin? You can input [0,0,0] as the destination for the move. That works, too - again, I’ve just tried it.


It’s a lot of mandala like shapes for practice, wheels inside of gears inside of flowers kind of things. Not a crushing need, I just thought there would be an easy way. Seems like a need that might be fairly common.

So, there’s not a way to make shortcuts by recording movements or anything like that? That’s kind of what I was expecting, like a macro builder. Hmmm… I can just about program my way out of a wet paper bag, so I probably won’t be learning Ruby this week.


Sorry, I’m now out of further ideas to try. You could post a Feature Request, perhaps, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for it to be implemented.


No you’re not missing something. Others have also noticed that some of basic the native tools will not accept VCB input for the first point.

So in the interim, I use a 3rd party line tool that also draws clines. (You can change stipple via a right-click menu at any time whilst the tool is active.)

(Moving this thread to Feature Requests category.)

It was considered long ago,… but the Ruby API was implemented instead.


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