Just curious


Out of the thousands of people here, does anyone recognize where my avatar came from?


Would you be grateful for an answer?


Do you mean you don’t remember?

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I think I actually got one.

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Well heck, It’s not like I’m James Holzhauer!

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Speaking of James Holzhauer. I don’t know where Jeopardy is televised, but if you’re in the US, this guy is awesome. He might have ruined Jeopardy according to some. Bu his scope of knowledge blows me away.
LOL, I’ve just screwed my own thread up.


It looks “native”, it seems “fishy” and has a fleur-de-lis-like tail.
So I’d guess Quebec, perhaps Huron tribal ?


“Phishy” was close Dan. :wink:

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If someone gave an answer, would c_j_ryan be grateful? Dead right he would.

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Yes sir! I’m an old hippy from the 70s’, and the Grateful Dead were and still are my favorite band.
Box, Dave, Dan Colin and Cotty, thanks for playing.


I thought mine was obscure, but it would be all too easy to figure out from my profile description.


I was wondering if you even remembered that. :wink:


@DaveR “I’m a little bit older now but I know my stuff” (“Let Me Sing Your Blues Away”, the Grateful Dead).

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The backstory of this is I had created a flag with this emblem to take to Summer Jam '73 (at Watkins Glen, New York that ended up being even larger than Woodstock). And an old friend was asking about the flag.

So I found the same image as Cotty, and thought heck better than a blue “C” on here. And wondered if with all the “old folks” here :wink: if there might be a few other Dead heads.

So I’m taking requests! Who were your favorite bands?


Never was a Dead fan.

Kansas, Styx, Boston, Jethro Tull, Bad Company, GoodRats, etc. (for Rock in general)
Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band, Outlaws (Southern Rock)

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I was a fan of all those bands. I’ve seen Tull, BadCo, Skynard, Tucker, and the Allman Brothers. Some several times.
The Allman Brothers and the Band played at Watkins Glen with the Dead.

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