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I feel I need to explain more than I probably need because I am fairly new to Sketchup and CNC, sort of. I have an 8’ x 4’ Barracuda CNC router and it’s primarily been used with DeskEngrave for text on signs. I have recently been using it with the PhlatBoyz extension to cut small things like knobs and dust shoes of my own design and it works great. I design, set the tool paths and generate G code right from Sketchup.

I have seen some answers for this that were date 2014 so I am hoping that there is a better option out there. Note: I have a full Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc), just incase that is the answer.

Finally, my question. I want to take a 2D, jpg image and import it into Sketchup and somehow copy/trace that image so that it can be place onto the CNC work surface “safe area” in the extension I use so that I can cut that image on my CNC. I’m not talking about complex carvings with multidimensional edges, just flat images.

I am making signs for my Boy Scout troop and I want to take a black and white image of the BSA logo, move it into Sketchup and trace around it. This can be done, but it is literally that, tracing it by hand using line and arc tool. I’d like to think in this instant gratification world we live in there is a fix or an extension for this. Again, I’m somewhat new so I don’t really know the verbiage for this process.

Thanks in advance.

When it rains, it pours. I’m not sure what’s going on now but I cannot seem to import images into Sketchup. Correction, I can import them, I just can’t place them. I have tried every file format allowable, different templates, rebooted Sketchup, rebooted the computer (I did that just for you tech support guys), etc. It’s a little blurry but I made a quick video of what’s going on. All the images have the “no” symbol in the lower right corner. I can take the image to the center and right click, choose “place” but nothing happens, the image stays tied to my cursor in an unplaceable state.

If you have illustrator, then the ‘best way’ is to convert the logo to paths and then import it into Sketchup as dwg or dxf. Then you can directly manipulate it etc.

If you import an image into Sketchup, either png or jpg, then you are going to have to manually trace the whole shape that while possible will be less accurate and take longer.

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Change the second dropdown on the import dialog from Use as Texture to Use as Image.

Brilliant! Thank you.

Perfect, that got me started. I have successfully created a DWG file from the logo image and moved it into Sketchup. Not sure what to do now (explode it, make it a component, resize so that it fits my safe cut area, etc. but I’ll figure it out as I go. Thanks a million. And yes, I own the full Adobe suite and all I use it for is fixing image artifacts in PhotoShop. It’s pretty much a dust collector…until now!

Yes thats pretty much it, explode it and modify it how you see fit etc. Good luck!

This may be of interest…

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