Joint push pull group acts like component


I have a strange issue with joint push pull, or maybe I don’t know about a specific feature and how to deactivate it ?

Here is the problem: I created some groups and then copied them in a row. At the end the last 2 pieces of marble need to adjust, they need to be smaller. When I try to use the fredo6 joint push pull plugin, the plugin is modifying multiple groups as they were components.
Here is a picture:

If you can share the model .skp file we can give you a definite answer.

FYI, groups are really just “special” component instances with “special” behavior and a “special” name (group.) Each are not unique by default. So all those copied groups are really instances of the same component definition (that has it’s #group? flag set true.)

(Behavior 1) If you manually click into the two groups that need to be smaller, then SketchUp will make them unique by cloning the common definition to new unique definitions. Those “edited” groups will then become instances of the new cloned unique definitions.

(Behavior 2) Groups are not listed in the “In Model” components collection on the Components inspector panel.

To late with the model sharing :D, I did a lot of work since I posted, I was thinking a screenshot would suffice. I also made them all components in the meantime.
But just try to make a group geometry and just create 10 copies and then use the pushpull on one, see if it modifies all of them or not.

@DanRathbun that is very interesting. behavior 1 makes sense but behavior 2 I don’t get what you mean by that. Groups are never listed in the “In Model” components collection.

You must, because you restated behavior 2.

As I said groups are really special components.
Their definitions are not listed in the Components inspector by design, because they (and their definitions) are designed to act a bit differently than component instances (and their definitions.)

(FYI, there is also another special component called an Image, which also do not have their definitions listed in the Components inspector.)

Ie, groups and images are not something you drag in from a library collection, they are objects meant to be created “on the fly”.

It won’t. Because in order to PushPull you need to enter into a group context, which will make it unique.

Fredo’s JointPushPull acts upon the definition’s entities, from outside the group definition’s context, so all instances will be modified.

There used to be a “Make Unique” command on the right-click context menu for groups, but it was removed. I guess because all you need do is double-click into a group and then back on out and it’s unique.

Yeah I get it now, it is very interesting, and actually I just realized that it is very cool as a feature in a way, I have to test this out but the plugin also has the make unique option, you just reminded me about that.
The point is if you have to enter each group to force sketchup to make it unique, in this case fredo’s plugin doesn’t make to much sens because you can use the normal pushpull tool.
I will try to use fredo’s make unique option and see if it helps and I will get back here with the results just so we all know and maybe for others that will search this in the future.

Thanks Dan for the help.

So this is it! That’s the solution, you go to Tools>Freedo6 Collections>Fredo scale>Make unique, and it makes all groups unique and then you can use the push pull.
This is fantastic! You can also use groups as components in the beginning … but then separate them. It’s a good option to have.

So, problem fixed.

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