Regarding Joint PushPull specifications

Hello, I am a newbie who recently started using Sketchup.
I am Japanese, so sorry if my English is wrong.

I have a question about Joint PushPull.
For example, I make one cube and group it, and copy one of its grouped cubes.(Not a component)
When I try to deform the first cube using Joint PushPull, the copied cube is deformed as well.
I only want to deform the first cube, can I change this in the plugin settings etc?

My environment of use is as follows.
SketchUp Pro 22.0.354
LibFredo6 13.9a
JointPushPull 4.6a

Best regards.

Just open the group you want to modifiy and select the faces before running Joint Push/Pull. Or, if you must modify without having the group open for editing, open one of the groups for editing and then exit editing mode without doing anything to it.




In addition, that @Dave suggested, which should work for you… some explanation:

Copying a group in SketchUp will create a group that shares the same definition. SketchUp implicitly makes group unique when edited from the GUI, and from a user point of view groups could be thought of as always being unique.

It seems that this behaviour not handled by the extension a way as the native Sketchup handling it. It can be also intention of the plugin developer. @Fredo6 ?

I believe Fredo has dealt with this in the past in the JPP thread at Sketchucation. As I understood it when I saw it before, if the geometry of the group is being modified through the group container (without opening the container) there’s nothing that can be done about this. Something has to be done to at least one of the groups to change its definition relative to the others. Since there is no Make Unique option for groups, opening and closing the group will do the job.

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You are right, In the user interface no option, however in Ruby API:
The Group #make_unique method is used to force a group to have a unique definition.

This may or may not be intentional if Fredo doesn’t use it.

That may be.