Join us for our Reddit AMA!

We haven’t done a Reddit AMA since 2012! You probably know that a lot has changed with our products and functionality, so we are opening up our ears, and we’re ready to get you caught up. We won’t have any announcements or breaking news, but we’d love for you to join us and ask questions (or jump in and answer questions!) about our products. And, in case you were wondering… we won’t be able to talk about future releases.

Join us on May 28th at 12 pm MT. You can register here.

See ya on the interwebs!!

** An “AMA” is an “Ask Me Anything” format of Q&A. Reddit is a text based platform, similar to a community forum, for every topic under the sun. **

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Can you explain what Reddit AMA means? I can’t find a meaningful translation…

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Reddit is a social platform. AMA is ask me anything.


Can I just be there to listen without asking a question? At this point I have no question but am sure I will learn from this

Of course! No questions required for admittance! I expect quite a few people will attend just to read others’ questions and our answers!


Thanks for answering on your day off Aaron, count me in! :+1:

Do we need an account for Reddit?

You don’t need a Reddit account to “attend” but you will need one to ask questions, they don’t have an anonymous submission option.

Hey Guys! We are live on Reddit right now!

Come ask your questions!