Join faces of different components

Hi, can you help me, is there a way or a plugin to merge faces of different components,

grouped into a single component…the individual components do I have to keep them, as it was

designed but Niche parametric…

Please watch in sequence, the images 1 2 3 and 4, then the Video niche and the last is image 5,

so you will understand better what I mean…




Img_1|690x441 Img_3 Img_4

Because of how Dynamic Components stretches things in SketchUp it’s quite useless if you need texture positioning.

Sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean, can you explain me better the concept…
I’m not a big expert…

This is a dynamic component, and due to how the dynamic component extension was designed, it doesn’t support texture positioning very well. When you change the parameters the materials will be stretched. Usually people only use solid colors dor dynamic components because of this limitation.

Ok…I understand, thanks for the response…

You can embed a “scaler” swatch in the DC when it is at its original scale, (context menu, scale definition is greyed out) this is a small hidden swatch with its size set. A method introduced by Tig. Then the material will update including any “facearea” calculations.