Job Opportunity - Scripting / Ruby API - Automating Tasks



I’m looking for someone to develop some tasks for me to automate some redundant tasks. The ‘entire folder’ referenced below is folder of 1765 models. The folder for the images are typically around 4 - 8 images. Please apply to the job or respond to this forum post if interested!

  1. Open File > select “Extended View” > export as 2D Model > repeat for entire folder

  2. Open File > check to see if “Color by Layer” active > edit “material” for certain “Layer” > “Browse for Material Image File” > select image from certain folder > export as 2D Model > select next image from same folder > export as 2D Model > repeat for rest of images in folder >>once complete>> repeat for entire folder of models


I’m sorry but what you ask is impossible. There is no API on the layer material (not in the Ruby API and not in the C API) we asked several times for this method. Last year they exposed the method to change the color of the layers , but not the material.

Please contact me by e-mail to discuss an alternative way and a price to develop this script -