Tig Export_By_Layer

Hi, I’m trying to batch export by layers to PNG, or some other 2D format. I’ve found Tig’s Export_By_Layer (Which is awesome!) but I can only seem to export to 3D formats. any Help to change it to 2D format (via Ruby magic) or perhaps I’m doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you!

What is your goal?
Produce 2D drawings of each layer’s content?

Yes; First thank you for your response!

the idea is to batch export multiple png layers to be recompiled in photoshop or something like that. Right now I’m exporting each layer one at a time. But in seeing how export_by_layer works for skp or obj files; I was wondering if it could be edited, or changed to export diff file types. OR if there was another plugin/extension that I didn’t know about.

You might wanna check this:

You need to make scenes, first

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Thank you! I appreciate your reply

however, I’ve done the scenes method before and it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. I need to use layers, and if possible batch export them (I have a LOT of layers) theres a thread somewhere on here where someone suggested export_by_layers its super super close; its just exporting the wrong file type. And I was wondering if there was a way to edit the .rb (I’m SUPER new at Ruby; so its a bit beyond my realm of understanding)


I guess you have to change the ‘type’ , then.

Perhaps @TIG knows?

Perhaps! Any insight from anyone would be very much appreciated including @TIG I’ll try bumping the other thread as well

Thank you!

Be patient. TIG might be occupied for the next few days with other things. No need to bump anything. He’s been pinged twice in this thread.

It’s an old plugin.
However, as the basis of tool to export PNGs it’d be relatively straightforward…
But first a few questions…
Do you have Scene tabs set up with the appropriate view and layer settings saved with each one ?
Do you want to export each scene-tab’s view as a PNG with the layers it has ?

If so, you could probably do it without a plugin…
Just export an animation as individual image files stepping through the scene-tabs…

There are already posts about doing this [@DaveR ?]

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Thank you for replying!

I only have the scene tab of the view that I want saved. I’d essentially want the one view and each layer saved as individual png’s (turning all off, except one, and exporting that one as png; and repeating for all layers); if any of that makes sense. I really appreciate the help!


What version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile indicates a version that doesn’t exist.

@TIG, I thought about describing my work flow for this sort of thing but the OP isn’t interested in that way.

I’m using sketchup 2019 Pro; I’ll edit my profile to reflect that. also, I’d be interested in any and all advice/help!