Issues with saving animations

I am having issues with creating an animation when I start rendering each frame is being saved in a folder with the same name and each following frame is being saved over the last one. Does anybody know how I can get vray to save the files with sequential names Please ? Previously I had a mac and I always used chaos cloud and the files were numbered sequentially.

If you are talking about plain Sketchup animation, there’s nothing that you need to setup, if you choose to export as frame sequence it will simply append the incremental frame number by default.
But you are mentioning “Chaos Cloud” so you are probably using Vray for Sketchup (or maybe Enscape?), so you probably need to describe better what you are actually trying to do exactly…
BTW I personally don’t use Vray in Sketchup, but in Max it appends incremental numbers by default and from what I can see, looks like it works exactly the same for the Sketchup version.

Thanks for replying, I am using sketchup I had single file output selected and file type png apparently that was causing the issue it’s working now that I’ve unselected single file output weird.

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Not sure what you mean with “single output”.
If I choose to export animation as png it doesn’t show me such option. :sweat_smile:
But I’m glad you solved this in some way. :+1:

How do you suppose an animation can be saved as a single PNG file? PNG is a still picture format.

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IIRC it numerically sequences the PNG files and you have to combine them with post production software to create the animation. That check box is a bit strange in this context.

But @Anssi perhaps you know this already.

That option has nothing to do with animation itself.
It means that Vray will output (for each frame) a single file Rgb channel/beauty pass call it whatever you want, as opposed to multiple separated files for each render channel you set up (let’s say, reflection, refraction, lighting, GI, refraction, alpha, background and so on).
He should probably have messed with something else to get that strange result, but unfortunately is failing to explain what he originally did here.

Yep that’s why I had it selected I didn’t want all those extra files downloaded only for me to sort them and delete them.

Yeah if you don’t need those for compositing, you can just skip them, and if you really need them for compositing you probably better export using multilayer exr which includes all render passes and has more bit depth, so a fairly useless option in most cases… I believe you want to have that option checked more often than not.