Issues with exporting/importing from SLDASM to STEP and into Sketchup


I created an assembly in Solidworks, which i wanted to import into Sketchup. However Sketchup doesn’t import .sldassm files so ive converted them to .3ds using 3DMax. From there i would import the .3ds version of my product into Sketchup. This is where the error seems to begin or becomes visible.The file has missing components. Even with changing the export/import configurations i always receive the same results.

What are the dimensions of the components that are missing? Maybe try importing the file with the units set to meters.

You could try some other format instead of the rather antiquated 3DS. If you have access to Rhino, for example, it can import a STP and save it directly to a SketchUp file. Or try saving as a DWG from Solidworks.

You may also want to try MoI3D importing a STEP file from SolidWorks and then exporting from MoI as SKP. MoI has nice tessellation controls for the SKP export.

Or simply import STEP files directly into SketchUp by using the SimLab STEP importer plugin (U$ 79.- / trial: 30x imports).

Thank you, worked perfectly.