Issues with 3D Warehouse

I am trying to find shingles along with a pallet of colors. The warehouse is showing several from Certainteed, but when you either download them or insert them for use you only get one color and not the entire pallet of colors to choose from. Can someone fix this so we can work?

Click on Materials on the model details page and download the material:

for one material. For all… ah, I see the problem. Hang on, brb.

I don’t have anything that looks like that……where are you seeing those?


Jeez, slow down. Sent you a PM until we figure this out.

Barry may have told you something already by direct message, but we have an example case where only one material is showing up, and we’re looking into the problem.

Here is a working version for you to use for the moment.

certainteed.skp (356.0 KB)

Yea, to everyone else: I haven’t verified on PC, but both Mac and iPad have failed to download all the materials for certain/certainteed (/joke) models - they only get the first one. The good news - if you know WHICH material you want, you open the Materials panel on iPad, click 3D Warehouse, search for that model, click on “See more details”, then click on the details page’s Materials, and download the specific material from that model.

You can also, on iPad or Mac, open a browser and download the skp you want, BUT, you must download the 2020 or 2019 version of the file for it to work.

Kudos to @drchitecturedsign for finding this. A new test to add to our regression list.


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Thanks for the credit……just doing my job as a longtime beta tester going back to atLast to current times. If you see something……say something is my motto.


We have the fix in code, but 3D Warehouse will need to upgrade their renderbots in order for this to show up. So until that’s done, you’ll have to continue to download the 2020 or 2019 version and import. @colin did verify that it shows up on PC desktop as well.

We’ll report back here when that happens. Then, a model owner or someone with 3DW admin rights (Colin and I can do this) will have to re-render the model.