Issues when importing 3D DWG file into Sketchup


I created this model in Autodesk Inventor, note the curved roof. I then exported the model as a DWG to import into Sketchup for rendering purposes (no issues doing this prior)…however, as you can see the imported model has deformed faces where the curved roof members are…

Can anyone explain why or does anyone know how I can remedy this easily? There’s nothing wrong with the model in AutoCAD or Inventor…See original image in Inventor also.

Sketchup Import Issue

Many thanks.

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Help us help you.
Please share the DWG and the SKP file so we can work with them.

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Sketchup Shelter Model.skp (7.0 MB) Shelter DWG.dwg (1.4 MB)

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Looking at your screenshot, the problem might be in the way the SketchUp DWG importer handles NURBS based solid and surface geometry when turning them into flat faces and edges. The conversion is none too smooth. Curved things based on arc segments usually perform better.

What import unit did you use to import the file into SketchUp? Using a larger than life unit might make SketchUp split the objects into smaller segments, adding to the apparent smoothness.

Another approach might be to convert the model into face geometry in Inventor (if possible) or AutoCad or some other application (I’ll take a stab at your file in Rhino if I find the time) prior to importing it into SketchUp.


Apologies, I’m not at all proficient in Sketchup, I only use it for importing models and rendering with Vray, so forgive me.

I used model units when. Are you suggesting I use larger units when importing? Then scale the model back down to original size?

I’ll try converting it into a surface model in Inventor and bringing it in that way. I’ve built the roof frame using Frame Generator in Inventor, so maybe its a bit too much for Sketchup…

Thanks for the help.