Issue with vray for sketchup

Hello, I hope someone can help me out. I am using Sketchup pro 2018, and have just installed a trial version of Vray. I have signed up for the vray forums BTW, but I am unable to post in it.

The problem I have is as follows…I downloaded some vrscans texture files. In the asset editor window in sketchup, I can make a new vrscan material file, I then select the object in my model I want to apply it to, and click ‘apply material to selection’. It does seem to apply something to my selected object, but not the texture, just a repeating pattern of vray logos. See my screenshot.

Any ideas?

Many thanks.

Try this: enter inside group/component by double clicking and select faces, then apply material to selection, does it fix?

Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately that didn’t work. I got the same logo pattern, but just on that one face.

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