Issue with manufacturer product search in 3D Warehouse

I am no longer able to search for specific manufacturer products, such as Kohler Co, Marvin Windows & Doors, FlexTools, etc. I’ve never had a problem with these searches ever before, just within the last few days.

Are you selecting Products as shown below?

Maybe clearing caches would help.

Thanks DaveR. The screen shots that you uploaded are what I used to see when searching for Kohler or Marvin products. Now, I get empty search results when I search by “Author” within the advance search settings. Clearing out the caches is a good suggestion, however, I get the same results on using Firefox, Chrome and Safari, both on Mac & PC. Within SketchUp, I can Right Click > 3D Warehouse > Reload on a Kohler product that I loaded in a previous SketchUp document, and it will go to that product’s 3d Warehouse page. From there I can other Kohler models and their collection.

Are you selecting the Products category?

BTW, I’m accessing the 3D Warehouse directly from within Sketchup.

Problem solved. I had the “Models” category selected. All is well when selecting the “Products” category. Thanks so much!

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