ISO icon missing

I have just installed 2020 PRO (as administrator) and find the View Toolbar no longer displays the ISO icon. Any ideas on correcting this?

Really? It does for me.

Screenshot - 2_1_2020 , 9_45_26 AM

Go to View>Toolbars. Select the Views toolbar and click Reset.

Screenshot - 2_1_2020 , 9_46_31 AM

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Signed in as admin or right click Run as admin?

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Box: “Run as admin” Thanks for your reply

DaveR: Thanks. That did it! I’ve never had to reset a toolbar before.
I presume I could create a new toolbar with purchased extensions on but how do you add icons to a new bar?

I’m not sure why the Iso button was missing in the first place. You can create new custom toolbars for native tools by clicking on New. Then you drag tools from native toolbars like the Views toolbar into the new one. If you hold Ctrl you’ll copy the buttons but if you just drag them, you’ll remove them from the native bar. Unfortunately this toolbar editor thingy doesn’t work with buttons from extensions. Only native ones.

Instead of using individual toolbars or the Large toolset on the left, I make two custom toolbars and omit tools that I never or vary rarely use. For example, I never use SketchUp’s Dimension or Text tools in my normal work so there’s no pint having them taking up real estate. The same for Orbit and Pan. I do leave Zoom for quick angle of view changes although I don’t use it for zooming.

Screenshot - 2_1_2020 , 10_13_55 AM

Edit: I suppose you could have unintentionally dragged the Iso button off the toolbar when you were moving it while the Toolbars panel was open.

Dave: Thanks for that. I had expected to find some list where you made your selection - as in many windows programs. Since many extensions come with their own toolbar I suspect that this is a Ruby feature - which I shall leave to the programming experts.
Thanks again for a very prompt response. Mike

There are a few extensions out there that will allow you to make custom toolbars for extensions. I haven’t found a need for them myself but they are out there. Some extensions like Fredo6’s have controls to allow you to determine which tools are shown in a toolbar and which aren’t.

Dave: OK thanks, I have some Fredo ext.

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