Is there any Macro or Action in sketchup

Hi everybody is there any Macro command or plugin (we use in MS word) or Action (we use in Photoshop or Illustrator) command or plugin in sketchup to make the work faster. With one key it make the work in action in short time

No. There are various plugins/extensions that can do certain tasks more quickly that doing it manually but you can’t record a macro or action.

What are you trying to do? People around here could direct you to some existing plugins…

Hi there. I have been trying to speed up my workflow which involves me copying section planes from a previous project into the new model.

Once the section planes are copied, I have to individually select the section plane, align view, hide the section plane, zoom extents and save as a scene with the same name as the section plane.

As you can imagine, if there 50 section planes then it does take me some time to manually setup all scenes. I was wondering if there is a script or a plug-in that can help me achieve this quicker?

Why not set up a template with the section planes and the scenes. Then copy the models into the template? What version of SketchUp are you using? Complete your profile.

That is such a simple solution! Not sure why this didn’t occur to me. Thank you @DaveR
I will try that in the new project and see how this works within my workflow.
I am using SketchUp 2022.
I am new here so not sure where I can complete my profile.

You’re welcome.

Click on the S in the green circle at the top right of the forum window. Then click on the person icon followed by Preferences. You should be able to figure it out from there.

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